My first Windows driver: Creating the Pink Screen Of Death

By Sam Brown (@_samdb_) So a while ago I saw a cool blog post from Mark Russinovich - “Blue Screens” in Designer Colors with One Click »

Intro to Windows kernel exploitation 3.5/N: A bit more of the HackSys Driver

By Sam Brown (@_samdb_) This was originally going to be a longer post covering all the vulnerabilities in the HackSys Extremely Vulnerable driver other than the »

Backdoor 103: Fully Undetected

Introduction In this episode of Backdoor 103, we will be discussing signatures, how to break them, provide a tutorial on how to make your own and »

0CTF 2016 exp2 warmup

@mrexcessive @ WHA 0CTF 2016 CTF exp2 warmup The problem warmup for pwning! notice: This service is protected by a sandbox, you can only read the flag »

Assembly Language and Shellcoding on Linux - Part 5 (Assignment 4)

Custom Encoding Schemes Assignment 4 For this assignment we were given the following tasks: Create a custom Shellcode encoder Encode a stack based execve shell using »